*Free Gift* Clinique Nude Pop Lipstick!

So yesterday I picked up Glamour's latest magazine, which by the way features Tanya Burr on the front cover, looking AMAZING, and it came with a free gift! And I fell in love with it instantly.

The magazine I picked up had the Clinique Nude Pop Lipstick inside. It is a very pale, pinky, demi-matte colour. The whole shape of it is square so at first i thought it was a nail varnish! But don't be fooled, it is definitely a lipstick!

(And yes, the red nails have already made an appearance...Its never to early to start getting festive!) 

It is quite small in size so is perfect for keeping in your bag or purse etc if you're on the move. Its so handy if you ever need a quick touch up. I also think its a perfect colour for pale skin. I've always had a pale complexion and I feel that this shade is so complementing for pale skin.

Even though it is autumn and i'm all about the dark berry lip colours at the moment, you can't go wrong with a nude colour. It goes well with any makeup look, especially if you have a bold eye look.

Normally this lipstick is priced at £16 (I imagine for a slightly bigger size though haha) so for £2.00, which is the price of the magazine, I thought this was a bargain! I just had to write a blog post on this because I fell in love with the colour the second I put it on. I will definitely be adding this product to my Christmas list... if I don't buy it before then!

As always thanks for reading

D x


  1. Darling, this post is so beautiful! Awesome! I can’t wait to see the new one!

    p.s. new post about how I met Victoria Beckham already on my blog

    Diana Cloudlet