Why I Love This Time Of The Year (And Products I'm loving)

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

This time of the year is my favourite! For SO many reasons.

 Firstly we had the start of Autumn and i just love everything about it! mainly because you can experiment with so many different clothes & makeup styles. Before this year I would never dare to wear a dark lip, but just recently i've been loving them

Another thing thing I've loved this Autumn is these two jumpers from Primark priced at £12 each. They are SO comfortable and i just love the colours!


Then was Halloween. Its so fun to decorate the house and dress up! When I went to a party this year, I didn't dress up using special effects and all of that, but luckily my sisters had a party where they dressed up as zombies so I got to do their makeup!


Then was Bonfire Night where I went to a beautiful fireworks display!

If you want to see how i did my makeup and hair for that night click here!


Next is CHRISTMAS! And i'm not going to lie, I've been getting festive since September... Nothing is better than Christmas! I LOVE it. I've already started to listen to Christmas songs... whoops! I have so many Christmas jumpers and tops that I cant wear all year (For obvious reasons haha) and they're my favourite!
Jumper- Peacocks (This jumper is no longer sold)
Top - New Look (This top is no longer sold)

Christmas also means I can dress my dog up in christmas outifts!


 Let me know what you're favourite time of the year is! Thank you for reading!


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