Why I Love This Time Of The Year (And Products I'm loving)

This time of the year is my favourite! For SO many reasons.

 Firstly we had the start of Autumn and i just love everything about it! mainly because you can experiment with so many different clothes & makeup styles. Before this year I would never dare to wear a dark lip, but just recently i've been loving them

Another thing thing I've loved this Autumn is these two jumpers from Primark priced at £12 each. They are SO comfortable and i just love the colours!


Then was Halloween. Its so fun to decorate the house and dress up! When I went to a party this year, I didn't dress up using special effects and all of that, but luckily my sisters had a party where they dressed up as zombies so I got to do their makeup!


Then was Bonfire Night where I went to a beautiful fireworks display!

If you want to see how i did my makeup and hair for that night click here!


Next is CHRISTMAS! And i'm not going to lie, I've been getting festive since September... Nothing is better than Christmas! I LOVE it. I've already started to listen to Christmas songs... whoops! I have so many Christmas jumpers and tops that I cant wear all year (For obvious reasons haha) and they're my favourite!
Jumper- Peacocks (This jumper is no longer sold)
Top - New Look (This top is no longer sold)

Christmas also means I can dress my dog up in christmas outifts!


 Let me know what you're favourite time of the year is! Thank you for reading!


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