How To Grow & Keep Your Nails Long & Healthy!

I have had so many people asking me about my nails recently and how I get them so long, so I thought I would share this with you!

My biggest tip would to try your best to ALWAYS wear nail varnish. Whether this is a bright red or just a clear coat, it really doesn't matter. I read an article ages ago saying that wearing nail varnish 24/7 helps your nails grow long and i've been doing it ever since. And trust me, it works.

Another thing i do to keep my nails healthy is spend some time buffing, filing and painting them. I'll normally do this when my current nail varnish begins to look a bit chipped, which is generally around once a week.

So the fist thing i'll do is remove the nail varnish using my acetone free nail varnish. I bought this when I had acrylic nails on last year and I wanted to change the colour of them! I dont normally use acetone free nail varnish remover but I ran out of my usual one!

I don't know why but after using nail varnish my hands will feel super dry so I tend to use my moisturiser/hand cream. The one i'm using is Nivea's Face, Body and Hands lotion. I have been using this for years and i swear by it!

Next I use my nail block. It has 4 sides, one for filing, one for removing ridges, one for buffing and one for shining. The file on this isn't the best, so I use a different file.

After doing this I will paint my nails. This time i decided to opt for a french manicure. The two products I used are Primarks nail varnish's. They were super cheap and also not to bad!

If you've never done a french manicure yourself you wont be the best. It takes A LOT of practice! My best advice is to take your time and follow your own nail line. Don't try and make your nails look longer by starting the white halfway down your nail, because it will not look right!

After i've done all my nails and waited for it to dry i will go over it with a clear coat. Make sure the white is completely dry before you do this step otherwise you will have a disaster! I'll normally put on two coats of the clear nail varnish.

Of course not everyone has the time or equipment to do all of these steps, but if you want your nails to grow fast then just always try and wear nail varnish. If you don't want a coloured one, you can always just use a clear coat.

As its Christmas i decided to add a little red into my nails by using Rio's professional nail art pens

All I did was add a little red strip along the white. Simple as that!

If you try any of these tips let me know how it goes!


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