What I Got For Christmas 2015

This Christmas I received so many things, and i couldn't be more grateful. I loved all of my presents but i decided i would share with you a few of my favourites!

 The first things I got are some products from Zoella Beauty. I am in LOVE with this range. 
Firstly, i got two of her makeup bags. The one on the left is 'Zoella's Just Say Yes Beauty Bag' from her original range and the one on the right is 'Zoella's Lace Collar Purse'. I use the beauty bag to hold all my makeup in. I recieved so much makeup for Christmas it actually doesn't fit all in now, so i keep in there my everyday products. On the other hand i use the purse when i go out. I will put in there some of the makeup products i am wearing on that day and keep it in my bag. They're both such a handy size and look so pretty!

The bath fizzers look so cute wrapped in copper foil. They both also smell so good and leave your skin feeling amazing after a bath with one of these.

Both of these products have such a beautiful scent. They both leave you smelling really fresh and clean. I love using the body mist in the morning and then using the solid fragrance when the smell begins to wear off.

Next i got some MAC eye shadow from my friend Nefeli.

She bought me the shade 'Fireside'. Although this isn't my typical everyday colour, it does look amazing with a purple lip.

Now if you know me, you will know how much i LOVE lush products, especially the bath bombs. I was bought so many this year by everyone. Im not going to go into detail about which ones i have because i plan to write a whole post on them all very soon :)

Next are my pyjamas from Primark. Primark pyjamas are my favourite! They are so soft and warm, perfect for winter.

These were one of the presents from my nan, as its kind of a tradition to buy me pyjamas every year. 

My mom bought me a watch from New Look. I love anything rose gold so this watch was honestly perfect for me! I had been dropping hints about new watches for so long so i am very happy with this!

This next product i was so so happy to recieve. It is the 'Tanya Burr Perfect Brows Palette'. I have wanted a decent brow kit for SO long.

My favourite thing about this products is the mini tweezers and brush it comes with. They are SO cute. The colours in the palette are neutral so i can also use them as an eye shadow, not just for my brows.

Next is Ariana Grande's perfume. I was given the set which comes with a 50ml bottle, a  tiny little 10ml bottle (which is perfect to keep in your bag) and a white pom-pom keyring. This is honestly one of my favourite scents, alongside Cheryl's Stormflower. It is very feminine and lasts for hours.

Next was these two mugs, one from my Nan and one from my best friend Megan. Although i don't drink coffee, or tea, i do love a hot chocolate in the winter. And these mugs are perfect for it!

Finally, and possibly my favourite present, is my L'Oreal Paris lipstick, JLo's Nude.

It is a beautiful colour that looks so natural and will literally go with any makeup look. I love it!

I had a few more things but if i talked about everything i'd be here all day! I am however planning to write a few blog posts including some of the things i didn't show in this one! 

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who bought me something this year. I am so so grateful for everything i was given and i love you all.


P.S- Please check out Nia's blog. We were supposed to upload a colab but i completely forgot to post mine so i thought i'd give her a little shoutout here!