How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

One thing that not many people do, which they should, is clean their make-up brushes. Everytime you use your make-up brushes, especially the foundation ones, the brush pics up any bacteria from your faces and gets stuck in your brush. The next time you use it it collects even more, whilst also leaving some behind on your skin. This is only ever going to make you break out into a million and one spots. To avoid this, I find it best to do this routine at least once every three weeks.
I know so many people who have never ever cleaned their make-up brushes. So many people don't even realise that they could be making their break outs worse by using the same dirty brushes!

If you suffer with a skin problem or acne I would recommend you do this as often as you can. I don't mean on a daily basis but at least once every couple of weeks. Trust me you will see the difference!

Here's how I do it:

1- Choose all of the brushes you want to clean. Eye brushes don't need to be cleaned as often as face ones. 
2- Run your brush under warm water making sure the brush is wet thoroughly.
3- Using a face cleanser of your choice, squirt some of it onto the brush. I'm using the Clean&Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash.

4- Next I'll start swirling the brush around in the corner of the sink, occasionally adding bits of water to allow the brush to lather up and clean properly!  You will start to see the soap turning a yellowy colour, depending on the colour of your foundation. You can also swirl the brush around your hand if you wanted to. I find that way easier, but of course I couldn't do that and take photo's!
5-When the brush looks clean and the water around it is clear, you can then rinse the brush under warm water again to get rid of any soap still left in the brush.
6-Finally I will leave my brushes to dry out. It doesn't take too long. I leave them on the window ledge to dry out overnight and normally they're dry by the morning!

Just look at the difference in this foundation brush! You can see how full of makeup it was before! It looks brand new now!
Hope you have enjoyed reading this post! Have I made you want to go and clean your brushes now? Haha! Let me know if you wash your brushes, and if you do how often?? 


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