How I Stay Organised

Staying organised is one of the most important things to me. With all my college work I sometimes forget to blog and then I end up rushing the post and it's not the best it could be... (I was terrible at blogging last year... but I think i'm doing better this one!) If you're anything like I was and you struggle at managing all your work, hopefully this post will help you. I've found little ways of staying organised which has helped me so much!

The first thing I have started doing this year is keeping a diary. I don't mean the 'writing-down-accounts-of-each-day' kinda diary. I mean something with dates in so I can note down any important events or work that needs to be done.
This has been so useful because everyday I can just open it up and see anything that I need to do without forgetting. This was especially useful last week when I had my mock exams!
I picked this up for  around £1.50, but you can find diarys pretty much anywhere! I would definitely recommend keeping a diary if you don't!

The next thing I do to stay organised is keep 2 little notepads on my desk.
I use these to write down any blog post idea's, any order numbers ... basically anything I need to keep safe. It's better than writing on bits of scrap paper and then loosing it!

Next, I bought this desk organiser from Ikea. This is where I keep all my college folders & books. 
Before I used to just chuck them in the corner of my desk and it looked a complete mess. This way each drawer has a separate book in for each subject. This way its easier to find a specific book. I decided to put all my favourite perfumes and bath products on the top so it didn't look so boring!

The final thing i've done is start wearing a watch. I've never really worn watches in the past but I fell in love with the one I got for Christmas from New Look.
Timekeeping is so important to staying organised and I find that wearing a watch is so much more convenient than picking up your phone from you bag. 

These are some ways in which I have tried to stay organised. How do you stay organised? 

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