My Latest Lush Products!

Lush is probably my favourite place for bath/shower products. When someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, all I said was, get me something from Lush and I'll be happy. And that's what everyone did! I wanted to blog about my Lush gifts because they're my favourite thing ever and i'd love to know if any of you love lush as much as me!

I've decided to just show you some of my favourites. I kept these ones separate in this bag, courtesy of Megan haha!

The first bath bomb I got was the 'Think Pink'. This is one of my personal favourites and i think people knew this as I ended up with 3 of them!
As much as I love these, and their smell, and the colour they turn the water, the flowers NEVER EVER stay on. Its such shame because they look so pretty!! This bath bomb has a sweet vanilla and tonka fragrance. I have to admit, I have no idea what tonka is. It also smells like lavender. But that's what it said on the packet! If anyone knows what tonka is I would appreciate being told! My favourite thing about this bath bomb, is that there is little rice paper confetti hearts inside, which are released and float about in the water. However they don't disolve, so they're a pain to get out of the bath after! Nevertheless I LOVE this bath bomb. You can get the smaller version of this for around £2.75, which is so good for such an amazing product.

The next one I got was 'Cinders'. Before this, I had never tried this bath bomb before. I don't know if it's a new one but i've never seen it in shops.
Please don't be put off by the colour. It was originally bright yellow with red popping candy on the top, but for some reason it was beginning to turn white. This has never happened to me before so I made sure this was the first one I used before it turned completely white!! Even though the colour was a bit off, it still smelt amazing! It turned my bath a light yellowy colour, so as you can imagine it didn't look too appealing, but the smell made up for it. It had a very strong orangey smell to it (is orangey even a word?), specifically citrus, and hints of cinnamon. I don't know if I just got a bad one, but the popping candy didn't really do much to be honest. Although it smelt so nice, in my opinion its one for the holiday season. The cinnamon reminded me of Christmas so I can't imagine using it in the middle of summer.

This next one was bought by my best friend Megan. Its called 'So White'. 
At first I couldn't decided weather or not I liked the smell of it. It was definitely the most overpowering smell of all of my bath bombs. This is a Christmas special, but i'm not sure why, because it doesn't smell particularly 'christmasy'. It smells really strongly of Apple. By the time I had popped it into the bath I had decided that I loved it. Despite the name 'So White' it actually is pink inside and turned my bath a baby pink colour, and created a white layer of froth on the top that reminded me of melted marshmallows. I loved it! Unfortunately the minute I stepped out of the bath my arms started itching. It wasn't until I was getting dressed that I noticed a rash all over my arms :(
I was honestly so gutted because I fell in love with this bath bomb, and it clearly didn't agree with my skin. But it was nothing serious, I took some medication and it cleared up i'm glad to tell you. 

And Finally, and possibly my favourite out of all of them, was the Blackberry Bath Bomb. I normally hate anything Blackberry but wow. This smelt SO good. 
Its a light blue colour but it turns your bath a lovely purple colour. The main scent of this bath bomb is Frankincense Oil, which let me tell you, smells amazing. Its such a calming and relaxing fragrance. However, I was surprised to find a bit of paper floating around in the bath. But after tweeting about it, I found out it's a little surprise from lush. It was a little bit of paper that had the words 'boom boom' on it. A bit random but I still loved it haha. If you want to see what the bit of paper looked like there are plenty of images on google. At first I thought i'd won a competition or something which I got very excited about... awkward.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I think this may be my longest post ever, which just shows how much I love lush! Have you tried any of these products or want to? Do you have any favourites from lush?


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Disclaimer!: I want to apologise for the awful picture quality... I took these pictures before I got my new camera & props etc, because I knew the bath bombs would be gone by the time I wrote this post haha! Sorry x 

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