My Favourite Perfumes

Pefumes are one of my favourite things ever invented. I have so many different scents that I wear and love, so I thought it was only right that I shared some of my favourites.

The first one is Ari By Ariana Grande.
I got this one for Christmas last year, which literally felt like yesterday, and fell in love straight away. It is a  "Floral Fruity Gourmand - opens with sparkling fruits and an ultra-feminine floralcy, passionately spun with musks, woods, and an addictive hint of marshmallow". I love this perfume because it is such a lovely scent and literally lasts for ages. For example, one of my scarf's smells like this permanently! 

The second perfume is the Stormflower Collection By Cheryl.
I have Stormflower and Stormflower Noir, and ever since they were released i have loved them!

Starting off with the original range, Stormflower. I can not tell you how many times i have repurchased this perfume. It is my all time favourite. 
It has top notes of Manadrin and Nectarine, and also Peach Blossom, Vanilla and much more. It is such an unique smell which is what makes me love it so much! I would say the smell lasts about 5 hours. One of the sets i received came with a shimmering body lotion, which smells identical to the perfume and has little bits of glitter in it!

This is a completely different smell to the original Stormflower. The main smell is Rhubarb, and similar to the other one, it has notes of Mandarin & Pear. This is a much stronger scent compared to the original and something i would wear of a night if i go out, whereas the original is more suitable for the day time. Overall i LOVE the Stormflower range and is something you can guarantee i will keep repurchasing.

Finally is the Zoella Beauty Body Mists. 
Even though these aren't technically perfumes and more body mists, I still wanted to include them. I have both body mists the original scent Blissful Mistful,which comes with a solid fragrance, and the Tutti Frutti one. However, my favourite is the original scent. These last no where near as long as perfumes do, which is why they're called body mists. So this is why i bought the solid fragrance, because you can top up the smell whenever you want if it fades.
I like to use this when i come out of the bath or shower too because it smells a lot like soap and generally just a fresh, clean and calming smell.

The Tutti Frutti body mist is more of a summer smell in my opinion which is probably why I haven't used much of it yet. As you can probably guess by the name of it, it smells mostly of fruits but doesn't have a strong distinctive scent as the original one does. I like to use these when my perfumes are running low!

These are all of my favourite perfumes! 

Do you have any favourites? Let me know below!

Darriyan x

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