Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review

Here it is... Finally, my Rimmel Foundation Review. So many people said that they were looking forward to this, i'm so sorry it took so long!

The first thing that I want to talk about is the shape of the bottle. Its kind of curved so fits in your hand perfectly. It comes with an removable cap which comes off easily. The actual foundation comes with a pump which is great because i can't stand foundations without them! Its always just too hard to measure how much will come out, and i end up with foundation everywhere!

The actual foundation feels really light on your face so it doesn't feel like your caked in makeup if you use a lot. With other foundations that i've used, i've found that they clog up my pores, even when I remove it properly, and cause me to breakout even more. But with this, it doesn't.

And as for coverage, it provides full coverage which is one of the things I love about this foundation. In the picture below, i've used the foundation on the left side of my face, so you can see how well it covers up any blemishes.

I also think the foundation lives up to its name as it really does 'wake me up'. Sometimes in the morning when my skin just feels dull and lifeless this foundation completely hides that. It claims that it 'visibly reawakens and illuminates the skin' which it really does. It leaves you with a flawless finish. Its perfect for them tired mornings when i wake up at 6am for college!

Overall i think this is a really good foundation, and perfect for early starts. It covers everything really well and wakes up your skin, leaving you looking and feeling more awake! I plan to buy the Wake Me Up Concealer next!

Have you got this foundation?? If so what do you think of it?? 

Darriyan x

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