What Is Your Perfect Wedding Dress?? - COCOMELODY

When you imagine your wedding day, you imagine yourself looking amazing. Perfect hair, beautiful make-up, and an 'out of this world' wedding dress. Of course everyone has different ideas when it comes to having the perfect dress, but one of my favourite wedding dress styles is the backless wedding dress.Probably because at almost every wedding i've been to, the bride has had a backless dress!

My Aunt is getting married near the end of next year and she has been on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress for months. When I came across CocoMelody, I knew that she would find one on here that she loved, so I straight away recommended them to her!

CocoMelody offer a wide range of wedding dresses and accessories perfect for any kind of wedding, making them suitable for everyone, and to top it all off, they have amazing prices! 

As I said earlier, my favourite type of dress is the backless wedding dress and I really wanted to show all of you some of the dresses they offer. Even if you aren't getting married (like myself), I love just looking at different collections and CocoMelody have some beautiful dresses!


♡- This wedding dress is just gorgeous! I love the shape of the back as I think it looks so elegant and gives you a really feminine shape. There is also so much detail on the bottom of the dress where you can see the lace.

 (Click here to view this dress)

♡- I chose to show you this one because I fell in love with the design on the back. I love how the flowers trail up the back of the dress. I also love how the bottom of the dress is in a 'mermaid' style. 

♡- I think lace on a wedding dress makes it look so classic and elegant. I adore the pink ribbon that sits around the waist on this one! 
 (Click here to view this dress)

♡- I always think wedding dresses with sleeves are so beautiful. Which is also why I chose to show this one, as well as the beautiful lace design on the back.

♡- Finally, this is probably my favourite wedding dress of them all. The bow on the back is just so gorgeous. I love the champagne colour of it too. Pairing the bow with the beautiful lace design along the back, makes this dress my absolute favourite. 

CocoMelody offer worldwide shipping and ALL dresses are custom made to your size. So there's no worrying about the dress not fitting when it arrives! They also offer weekly deals and free shipping on certain products, where you can purchase a dress for up to 60% off. That leaves the total of some dress under £100!

What do you think about this collection? And what is your favourite wedding dress design?
Let me know below.

Lots of Love
Darriyan x