Clean & Clear New Products (First Impressions & Swatches)

Last week I was shopping in Superdrug when I was handed some free samples from Clean & Clear. These were the  'Hint Of Tint Cover and Correct Cream' and the 'Advantage Oil Control Cream Wash'. I was so impressed by both of these samples that I just had to share them with you all!
So first, lets start with the cream wash. This product claims to help clear excess oil which eventually results in fewer spots. For me, I don't personally think it has helped much with my spots but it has made my skin less oily, especially around my nose. It smells like cucumber and has little powder particles. 

Sometimes I find that cream washes tend to dry out my skin, especially if they are oil free. However this one does the opposite. It leaves my skin so soft and hydrated whilst still leaving me with a matte finish. It doesn't leave my skin dry at all! I liked this product so much that I went back to Superdrug and bought the bigger version!

Next is the Hint of Tint Cover & Correct Cream. When I was handed this, I had no idea what it was! After reading the back I found out that you apply this over your spots and it works as a concealer, but also contains a spot fighting ingredient. It is a very thin cream consistency and has no fragrance.

 I found this perfect for wearing under my foundation. I would apply this first and then foundation under the top and it didn't at all feel heavy. 
Whilst it didn't cover them completely, I think it did a pretty good job. Some days i'm not in the mood for a full face of foundation because I like to give my skin a break, and instead, I used this product just on my spots to conceal them. I am honestly so sad that I have used it all up because my local Superdrug never has it in stock! I think i'm most likely going to end up buying it from Amazon because I love this product! Both products are also SO affordable, the cream wash being only £3.00 and the cream is priced at £7.00.

I wanted to share this with you because I love free samples. I have found so many new products that I now rely on through samples! The best things in life are free eh?

Will you be trying these products?