Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Collection (& Swatches)

As soon as Tanya Burr announced her new Soft Luxe range a few weeks ago, I knew there was a few products I really wanted to get my hands on as soon as possible. After tirelessly checking my local Superdrug every day for about a week, i decided to get myself online and order a few of my favourites. (Oh, by the way, my Superdrug NEVER got the soft luxe collection in stock!)
I could almost kick myself that I didn't take pictures of the Enchanted Dream eyeshadows before i ploughed into them with my makeup brush! The little stars were so cute, but I was honestly just so excited to try them. Taking pictures of them was at the bottom of my list! Whoops!

The palette comes with 4 different shades:
-Moonlit Walk
-Cocoa Plum
-Magic Carpet
-Berry Souffle.

Moonlit Walk and Cocoa Plum are both highly pigmented colours, whereas Berry Souffle and Magic Carpet are both matte colours. As with all of Tanya's eyeshadows, all four shadows apply extremely easily, have really good durability and look beautiful! Tanya's products are all really affordable, and this only cost £5.99. I first fell in love with this product when I saw Tanya upload a makeup tutorial to her YouTube, where she used this palette. (I'll leave the video below!) Every day since i got this palette I've been following that tutorial because i  love it and it is super easy to do! Despite wearing these shades in the Summer, i think these colours are even more perfect for Autumn,as they are quite dark colours and they go great with a purple lip. 
From bottom to top : Moonlit Walk, Cocoa Plum, Berry Souffle, Magic Carpet

Next up is the matte liquid lipstick. After looking at the three colours from this range I decided to try the shade Martha Moo as I think the other two colours are way to bright for me. This was the darkest shade and is a pinky colour. The lipstick is packaged in a frosted glass container with a gold top, as do all of her lip products. I personally prefer the look of the matte lipsticks because the frosted glass makes them look way more expensive than they actually are. These are retailed at £5.99.
The wand is similar to the the Maybelline one I wrote about a few weeks ago. It is flat which makes it very easy to line your lips and makes the application so much more easier!

Unlike the Maybelline lipstick, which felt very creamy and soft on the lips, this lipstick is completely dry. Maybe even a little bit too dry. There were quite a few people on my last post saying they didn't want a matte lipstick that didn't completely dry. This is definitely a lipstick for them. With this lipstick, you are left with a completely matte lip. The colour will also last practically all day. For example, I applied it at 8am this morning before work, and its now almost 6pm and its still going strong!
Before the lipstick has dried

When the lipstick has dried

So far I have only tried two of the products from this range and overall have been very impressed. I will definitely be trying some more!

Have you tried any of Tanya's products? If so which is your favourite?

Also, before I finish I want to give a little shoutout to one of the loveliest people I know. My amazing friend Jamie has just started his very own travel blog, and i have spent hours with him helping set it up. Please go over and have a read!



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