Primark Homeware Haul

After reading Alice's blog post about how to survive in Primark, which by the way, was extremely accurate, I realised that I hadn't had a Primark splurge in what seems like forever. I was praying that they had started bringing out their autumn range, but to my great disappointment they hadn't.

However, what caught my eye is the huge homeware section. I think this is possibly the first time I have been to Primark and not came out with at least one clothing item. I have been meaning to buy some cute little background props for my photos for so long, but haven't got round to doing it. When I saw these I just had to get some! I did get some other homeware pieces from places like New Look, but I'm only going to show the ones from Primark today!

First up are these gorgeous rose gold LED Lights. For only £2.50, I thought these fairy lights would look beautiful in photos, especially leading up to Autumn and Christmas time. I mean, they were only £2.50 so I can't imagine the lifespan on these lights will be very long, but for the mean time, they're perfect!

As soon as I saw this cute little hanging sign for only £1.50 I knew I had to get it. I absolutely love being surrounded by cute little quotes, and I knew this would fit beautifully in my room. I think this is going to look so gorgeous in the background of photos aswell.

I think I went a bit rose gold crazy, as you'll see by the rest of the products I bought. I saw this candle and picked it up, purely because of the colour. What I found with the Primark Candle selection, is that none of them smelt nice, at all. They looked lovely, and would've been a great background prop, but I wanted something that looked nice and I could burn without making myself feel sick at the same time! Which is when I found this. The smell is actually really nice, and it looks so nice in my room!

The next items I bought are not exactly homeware, but they will make good background props. I bought a stippling brush for £1.50 and a blusher brush for £2.50. I have never tried Primark makeup brushes before, so I will be trying these out aswell as using them in photos. I also picked up some rose gold (yes rose gold again, see how I went a bit crazy?) twin pack of tweezers. 

Again, this isn't exactly a homeware product but is perfect for photos! I saw this grey, pink and light blue scarf for only £4 and I thought why not? Aswell as using this for photos, I can't wait to see what outfits I can match this with as the colder weather comes round!

Finally, I saw this lovely blanket throw and fell in love. One thing I do love about Primark is their soft blankets and pyjamas. They are perfect for Autumn and Winter because they're so soft and snug. I just love them. I also think this throw makes a great backdrop for photo's so I couldn't resist buying it!

Making sure the quality of my blog pictures is the best it can be is something I always do. I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to my blog so I spend ages playing around with different props, backgrounds and angles to get the perfect shot. Now i've got some new items, be prepared too see a few of them popping up in my future posts... especially the LED lights!

Whats your favourite background prop or homeware item to use in the background of pictures?


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