Autumn Lip

Autumn is my favourite time the year for makeup. I find myself experimenting with so many different products that I would never dream of wearing. Last week I shared with you all my Autumn makeup essentials and promised a post about Autumn lips, so... here it is!

These two lipsticks are from Makeup Revolution and are part of the Rose Gold range. 
Having never tried this brand before, and seeing so many bloggers rave about these lipsticks, I was skeptical when I saw how low the prices of this range were. They were only £3.00 each! I mean come on, how much cheaper do you want a lipstick to be? They come packaged in a beautiful rose gold bottle and appear so much more expensive than they actually are. They remind me of the Charlotte Tilbury packaging in a way.

The lipsticks are absolutely beautiful colours, as you can see below. Normally, because they were so inexpensive I would have just bought the whole range. However, I really wasn't a fan of the other colours. There was a bright pink and a bright red, and they honestly are just colours that do not, and never will suit me. So I opted for the two colours, 'Chauffer' which is a nude peach colour, and 'Priv Members Club', which is a dark berry colour. 

As you know, I would feel wayyy more comfortable wearing a nude lip than a dark lip. I just feel like they suit me better. But, every now and then I love to venture out of my comfort zone and try a dark lip. The berry colour so beautiful on, and Autumn is the only time a year I feel wearing a purple lip is acceptable...Anyone else? And as for the nude colour I mean come on... how can you not love it? Its a gorgeous colour and perfect for Autumn!

The colours are very durable and will last hours, however, the lipsticks can end up feeling very dry on the lips. They also don't really apply that easily and I feel like I'm pressing down much harder than I'm supposed to when applying them. And after wearing them for a long time they dry out, and feel like a matte lipstick, even though they're not supposed to be.

But asides from that, I think these lipsticks are the perfect colours for Autumn, especially if you're on a budget! I would definitely recommend looking into these lipsticks if you are after some perfect Autumn shades.

What lipsticks will you be wearing this Autumn?