Elizabeth Arden Bargain

If you know me, you will know how much I love a good bargain. So when I came across this Elizabeth Arden Mascara in an ex-catalogue shop I couldn't resist.

If you're unfamiliar with ex-catalougue shops, all they are, is shops which sell products, that have been sent to them, either with a slight fault, the line has been discontinued or the range didn't sell aswell as the company hoped, for a very cheap price. This mascara is originally priced at £22, but I only paid £2! I mean, how much cheaper do you want to pay for an Elizabeth Arden Mascara?!

Personally I couldn't find any faults with this product if i'm being completely honest, however the line hasn't been discontinued, as far as i'm aware, so I have no idea why they were in this shop. 
So firstly, lets start with the packaging. It comes in a beautiful gold box with a mirrored front which was so unbelievably hard to take photos of. No matter what angle I took the photo from there was a reflection so in the end I had to settle with the above picture! The mascara itself is in a very simple black tube with a gold rim which I think looks really pretty.

When you open up the box there is a lovely quote printed on the red inside. 

The wand is also a perfect size and shape. The wide bristles allow you to coat every single lash, giving you an even finish. 

In my opinion, I think this is one of the best mascaras i've ever tried. It is the perfect 'anytime-anywhere-any event' mascara. It is extremely buildable, so you can apply coat after coat until you get the look you want. And the best part is, it doesn't look clumpy! The picture above is only with one coat, but you can apply so many more coats, to the point where it actually looks like you have fake eyelashes on!

So for £2, I think I got myself a pretty good bargain here! I'll probably be tempted to buy the full price one when this one runs out!

I'd just quickly like to add that I may have to drop back down to posting once a week again. This week I got myself a job woohoo!! The interview was the most nerve-wracking thing I have ever had to do! But, it all paid off, and until the new year i'll be working 18 hours a week. This may not sound a lot but with college, coursework and trying to have a social life I just think i'm going to struggle to find time to post more than once. However I am going to try my best to still get two up, but if there isn't, you know why, hope you understand!