Winter Coat Lovin'

Winter coat shopping for me has to be the most annoying time of the year. I always struggle to find something that I absolutely love and most of the time that never happens. I can promise you, that you won't find anyone as fussy as me when it comes to winter coats. However this year, I've managed to find not one, but two winter coats that I love! 
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The Perfect Christmas Duo | Charlotte Tilbury

With Christmas right around the corner (eekkk how exciting!), I thought it would be the perfect time to treat myself before I start buying presents. And no, I haven't started buying presents yet. I know, I am super unorganised, I always am this time of year! I have been eyeing up Charlotte Tilbury's products for a while now, counting down the days until I got paid. And what was the first thing I did when my hard earned money entered my account? Yes, purchased two gorgeous items from Charlotte's online shop!

Sparkler Fun!

Okay, so I should probably start off this post with a hugeeee explanation! I know, I've been away for so long. Almost a whole month, and I can't tell you how much I have missed blogging. To tell you the truth I have been ridiculously busy, working 3 days a week and being at college the other 4, leaves me with hardly any time to dedicate to blogging. I had so many Autumn/Halloween themed posts lined up but everything seemed to be going wrong. I tried to bake Halloween treats... they didn't turn out right and I wasn't happy with the pictures. I tried to do an outfit post... when I got to the woods my camera battery died. Everything has been going so wrong for me and to be honest, I kinda hit a slump. I have had complete writer's block and found no motivation to write. But honestly, having some time away has really made me realise how much I love what I do! So I'm back... just in time for my favourite season... Christmas! And I know it's only November but come on! It's so close! I'm sitting writing this post with a hot chocolate listening to my Christmas playlist! What could be more perfect?