Winter Coat Lovin'

Winter coat shopping for me has to be the most annoying time of the year. I always struggle to find something that I absolutely love and most of the time that never happens. I can promise you, that you won't find anyone as fussy as me when it comes to winter coats. However this year, I've managed to find not one, but two winter coats that I love! 
darriyancateland darriyan cateland
Zara Yellow Coat Parka

zara yellow coat parka

darriyan cateland darriyancateland

darriyancateland darriyan cateland darriyancateland darriyan cateland

This is definitely my favourite coat out of the two! I have developed an obsession with yellow clothing recently, so when I saw this gorgeous coat, I couldn't help myself! I absolutely love it, but of course, my bank account wasn't happy! Parka coats have always been my favourite, and this one keeps me SO warm as it is quilted inside with faux fur! I think my favourite thing about this coat is the huge pockets! I'm forever wanting to quickly throw loose change or my phone in my pocket and this coat finally has some that fit my phone!

River island coat shearling coat darriyan cat eland zoella coat

River island coat shearling coat darriyan cat eland zoella coat

River island coat shearling coat darriyan cat eland zoella coat

Tan Oversized Aviator Jacket- River Island (£85):
This was the first coat I had bought this year. After tirelessly searching through Topshop for the shearling coat they sold, I gave up and looked elsewhere. When I saw this in River Island I had to try it on! It was the last one in the shop so I just had to buy it! This coat isn't as thick as the Zara one, but fashion-wise, this one is gorgeous! I love the detailing on this coat and the colour of it! The faux fur all around the coat gives it that vintage feel and I love it! It's also oversized, so allows you to layer up which is perfect for winter!

I couldn't be happier with my coats this year! Which one is your favourite? What style coat have you opted for this year?

Darriyan xx