Give Your Skin Some TLC | Liz Earle

Something I haven't been taking care of lately is my skin. I find it so much easier to whip out the face wipes and the end of the day, take off my makeup and go to bed. Even though I knew this was so bad for my skin, I still continued to do it. And my skin really took an effect. My spots were out of control, literally the worst I have ever seen them. So I decided that I really needed to sort it out. I hadn't purchased a skincare product in months, so after seeing so many bloggers talk about Liz Earle, I decided to see what all the hype was about, and I can tell you, these products have become my absolute skincare holy grail!

How To Fix Your Dry Winter Skin *

It's officially Winter. The evenings are getting darker and there is snow on the ground,  so that can only mean one thing... dry skin! And I'm not just talking your face, I'm talking everywhere. My hands get so dry this time of year and I find searching for something to keep my skin nourished is extremely hard!
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