Nail That French KISS!*

With Valentine's day fast approaching, every girl wants to feel their best. Whether you're going out with your other half or having a night out with the girls, having gorgeous nails is a must!

Kiss Nails French Manicure

I have worn fake acrylic nails in the past (done in a salon professionally) and every time they came off, my nails were left in a state. I swore to myself I would never get them done again. The past few years have been spent trying to make the most out of my own nails and growing them as long as possible. But since I started my job in October I have had to keep them short because having long nails is just not practical. So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled to receive these nails because it made me really miss my old long ones!

How to use:
1) Select the correct size nail and nail shape for each finger.
2) Holding the pink gel tube upright, gently twist off the cap.
3) Apply a thin layer of the glue onto the back of the chosen nail. You can also apply a thin layer of the glue onto the natural nail if you wish.
4) Place the nail onto your natural nail and hold firmly in place until dry.

My favourite thing about these nails is that they are not too long, nor too short. They are the perfect length! I know so many people that find extremely long nails unpractical, so if you're one of those people don't worry! They are short enough to comfortably carry out everyday tasks whilst also looking gorgeous. They make your hands feel incredibly feminine and they last a long time! For me, they lasted six days before starting to fall off. They retail for around £8 in Boots/Superdrug, which for almost a weeks wearing, that price is incredible when I would normally pay £30 for someone to ruin my nails with acrylics! 

Kiss have a wide range of nails perfects for anyone, whether that's a traditional french manicure or something more bright and colourful. I was sent two traditional french manicure styled ones, and a really pretty pink nude colour, both which I think are perfect for this time of year! 

Have you tried Kiss Nails before? If so what do you think of them? 

Darriyan xx

*This post contains products sent to me for review