Wardrobe Staples | The Stripey Shirt

Ah, stripey shirts, how I've missed you. It has been so long since I have owned one and I've been seeing them everywhere... literally everywhere! I was shopping a few days ago and saw this beauty in Select, and couldn't resist.

The Shirt (£12.99)- I have been trying to grow my 'stripey' wardrobe items for a longgggg while. I am pretty obsessed with stripes at the moment so it's very rare to see me in something that doesn't involve a bit of stripe. I already know that this is going to quickly become one of my most worn items!

Converse (£45)- And yes I know, they're dirty. Trekking through the woods to find the perfect backdrop is hard work okay? But asides from, that I know many people don't like to wear converse in the winter (probably for that very reason, I know I know), but I do. I find they go perfectly with any outfit and make it look that bit more casual. So don't follow everyone else and dig out your white converse again, who's with me?!

Fashion is always changing, and I am so glad these stripey shirts are back in style, and they best thing is, they are unbelievably effortless to style. You can pair them with a pair of Converse, like I have, for a casual look, or a pair of snazzy heels and a clutch for a more sophisticated, evening look. The possibilities are endless!

What is your current wardrobe staple?

Darriyan xx