Spring Lip Picks

Spring is finally here, and that can only mean one thing... its time to change up your lipstick! If you live in the UK, you will know not everyday is sunny and warm, so treating yourself to a new lipstick can really make it feel like Spring, even on those dull days.

The transition between Winter and Spring is huge and it's such as big change to go from the dark purples and reds to the bright corals and deep pinks. So today I thought I would share with you some perfect transitional colours for this season! I've chosen lipsticks that fit perfectly with everyone's budget. I've thrown in two higher end products and two drugstore!

Charlotte Tilbury, Pillow Talk, Matte Revolution, Swatches

1) Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Pillow Talk- 
Now, would this be a lipstick post without involving a Charlotte Tilbury product? No, obviously not. I am obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks and I love treating myself to them every once in a while. This shade was released for Valentines Day and I knew straight away I would love it. I love any lipstick that is nude pink( as you'll see as you read on) so I knew this would be perfect for me! I wrote a full review of this lipstick which you can read by clicking here!

Benefit, They're Real, Swatches, Lipstick

2) Benefit They're Real Double The Lip in Fuchsia Fever-
I was first introduced to this lipstick when I received it for Christmas in a benefit set. I've been very reluctant to wear it until now because I knew it would be a great colour for spring, and boy was I right. It goes perfectly with any makeup look and is great if you're a fan of making your lips look bigger. This is a two-in-one lip liner and lipstick and most amazingly the price is extremely affordable, priced at only £16. When, if you think about it, is a bargain considering you get a lipstick and a lip liner! 

Barry M Lipsticks, Matte Me Up, Lip Kit, Swatches

I picked this up this lip kit in Superdrug a few weeks ago, having never tried a Barry M product before. This lipstick is called a 'lip paint' which is exactly what it feels like when you first apply this product. I hated the texture of this lipstick when I first used it, but once it dries it feels like any other liquid lipstick. However, this only bad thing I have to say about this product is that the lip liner is a completely different colour to the lipstick. I found it is also quite scratchy when you apply it to the lip. It's impossible to use the two alongside each other but on its own, the lipstick is great!

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I bought this last summer and loved wearing it so I couldn't wait to start bringing this product slowly back into my makeup routine. It's such a beautiful colour, applies so beautifully and lasts all day. This is also the most affordable lipstick of all my selections priced at only £5.99! I am a huge fan of Tanya's products but her lipsticks are my favourite! I would definitely recommend Martha Moo if you haven't already tried it!

So there you have it, my Spring lip picks! What lipsticks are you wearing this season? Let me know below!

Darriyan xx

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