Bedroom Decor Ideas (Before)

First of all, before I get into anything, I want to just say a HUGE thank you to you all. After being gone for so long, it is so heartwarming to come back and still have all you gorgeous people here, reading and commenting! It means the world to me!

I've spent the last week moving house. I, once again, have moved out of my parent's house in Birmingham, into my new house in Nottingham, which obviously takes a lot of time and effort. I've spent days sorting through my things, deciding what to keep and throw out. And I'm a massive hoarder, so as you can imagine, this was very difficult haha!

Getting to Nottingham and deciding on how to decorate my new room has been the hard part. I got the biggest room in the house, which at the time I thought was a great idea until I moved my stuff in and realised how utterly empty my room looks.  I've pretty much moved all of my belongings into it now, and still, in my eyes, it looks empty.

When it comes to decor I have a really specific idea. The look I want to go for is bright colors, with autumnal tones, hence the orange pillows on the bed. However, what I hadn't considered was the fact that decor costs a lot, so realistically, decorating how I want to right now is not an option. So instead, I thought I would edit current photos of my room to show you what my ideas are.

I'll be working on decorating my room over the next few weeks bit by bit, and when it is finally finished, I'll upload another post showing you the finished look. If any of you have any decorating ideas that would work with my room please let me know below!!

Darriyan x

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