Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

Despite my extremely long, probably a bit too long, break from here, it seems only right to do my annual New Years post. 2018 has been... an interesting year to say the least. I finished my first year of uni and if I do say so myself, smashed it. I took the plunge to leave a job I hated and start a brand new one, which was probably the best thing I did all year. I've met some amazing people already and i've only been there for three months! I moved into a new house with my best friends. I got into, and quickly out of, a relationship. I travelled, got my first tattoo the list goes on. Despite a few low moments, 2018 was an amazing year. I took a lot of time out from social media, particularly my blog. It was, unfortunately, neglected for a lot of 2018. However, it allowed me to step back and see the bigger picture. I do love blogging, and its ultimately what i'd love to do in the future. I've ran this blog for almost four years now, and I know I can take it so much further.