Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

Despite my extremely long, probably a bit too long, break from here, it seems only right to do my annual New Years post. 2018 has been... an interesting year to say the least. I finished my first year of uni and if I do say so myself, smashed it. I took the plunge to leave a job I hated and start a brand new one, which was probably the best thing I did all year. I've met some amazing people already and i've only been there for three months! I moved into a new house with my best friends. I got into, and quickly out of, a relationship. I travelled, got my first tattoo the list goes on. Despite a few low moments, 2018 was an amazing year. I took a lot of time out from social media, particularly my blog. It was, unfortunately, neglected for a lot of 2018. However, it allowed me to step back and see the bigger picture. I do love blogging, and its ultimately what i'd love to do in the future. I've ran this blog for almost four years now, and I know I can take it so much further.

So happy 2019 to all my readers! I do hope it is an amazing year for you all! In terms of resolutions, i always like to set myself some. So here are mine:

1- Number one of course is to keep up with my blog. Working, and university can make this extremely hard, but even if I get one post up a week, i'll be happy (but of course, no promises). I'm planning to have a schedule and plan way ahead of time to ensure I don't fall behind!

2- Manage my money better. Not working full time all summer unfortunately took its toll on my bank account and I'm still struggling. I'm currently £1,500 overdrawn, so paying this off in the new year is top priority for me! I think as soon as I get any money I MUST spend it and I need to get out of this mindset otherwise i'll be forever in debt!

3- Secure an internship. Getting a job after uni, as some of you may know, is hard. Experience is always needed, so I need to prepare and bulk up my CV for this. I've been looking at content creating/digital marketing internships online, and in the new year need to start applying for some!

I'm looking forward to seeing what 2019 holds for me. But in the meantime, thank you as always for your support and for being so patient with me. Let me know in the comments what your resolutions for the New Year are!

Darriyan x

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